Agility Classes

Course Information

Foundation Course

This course is for dogs from 16 weeks old to those around a year old. It is designed to give the young dog the basic groundwork needed for agility in a safe way for growing bones. It is a mixture of play and work exercises to teach the dog about handler body movement as well as making them aware of their own. We also cover lots of relationship building and focus work using positive interactive games.

Introduction to Agility Course

This course is for dogs that are at least a year old (but does depend on breed) and have never done any agility before. It will introduce dog and handler to some of the equipment over the duration of the course. There will also be foundation exercises working on building your relationship and focus in a stimulating environment.

Starter Class

This course is for dogs that have successfully completed the Introduction to Agility course where we will build on the equipment that has already been covered. You will progress to other pieces of equipment used in an agility course along with continuing foundation work.

Beginner Class

This course is for dogs and handlers that have worked through the starters course for around 6 months. The dog should have good understanding of contact equipment criteria and be confident working on short sequences. Handlers are expected to understand basic handling techniques to change their dogs direction.

Improver Class

This course is for dogs that have been training for at least a year and where the handler wants to fine tune specific areas of their training. Sequences will be longer working up to a full length courses.

Competition Class

This class is for handlers who want to compete with their dogs. Classes will be used to work on scenarios that have caused problems on an agility course. We can break the course down and work out why things didn’t go to plan and how we can improve it next time. Your dog should have a good understanding of all handling manoeuvres and be able to negotiate all pieces of equipment consistently before entering this class.

1 To 1 Classes

  • Do you have a specific issue that you need extra help with?
  • Is your dog happier not working in a group class?
  • Do you need a weave workshop or a contact workshop?
  • Does your dog need to work on their stride in-between jumps?
  • If so, then maybe a 1 to 1 is what you need.

Pricing Structure

All agility courses are £54 per 6 week course
Foundation Class £54 per 6 week course

1 to 1
  • From £35 per hour
  • From £17.50 per half hour