About Us

My name is Caroline and I currently live and train dogs in Gloucester. I have been an agility addict ever since I moved to Gloucester back in 2000 with my first dog. It started as a bit of fun for me and socialisation for Lucy who was just out of a rescue centre.

I soon started to compete and within months I had the ‘Agility Bug’.

I have been an agility trainer for 18 years progressing to head trainer at a local club and now running my own business. I have the ability to train from puppy foundation agility up to competition standards and everything else in between.

I am an Agility 1st accredited Instructor and I am now studying for the Agility 1st Coaching Level 1 qualification, trainer’s course details are available at http://agility1st.co.uk/

I have also recently completed the Pro Dog Trainer course run by Lauren Langman and Tom Mitchell of the Absolute Dogs scheme. By the use of games based training we build our dogs’ optimism, focus and calmness amongst other things which help build their personality to becoming a well-balanced happy dog.

Emphasis is on positive interaction using reward based training and the emphasis is on fun – for the dog and the handler.
So if it is just for fun or if you want to take it further and compete it is up to you but for me it is…….

I have been Agility Dog Training in Gloucester with my business All About Agility since 2014 and I have trained 100’s of dogs.

My Dogs

Twix is my competing 5 Year old JRT. She is currently KC grade 6 with 2 more wins needed before reaching grade 7. We had an amazing time together travelling the country last year to try out different shows and are planning the same this year incorporating some Crufts qualifiers. I am looking forward to the forth coming season with her and reaching that Grade 7 status she so deserves.
Dash (9 Months) is the newest member of my family. As a Many Tears Rescue dog we are not sure of his parentage but probably Cocker X terrier of some description. We have been working on building confidence with everyday life and his new agility life. Focus and calmness is an important part of his learning and the games based training is engaging him well.

I must also mention my first 3 agility dogs as without them I would not be where I am today. Lucy, my very first agility dog and now over the bridge, set me on my agility journey and I am forever grateful to her for that. Phoebe, now 15, got me hooked on competing, with her attitude and ability we reached grade 6 before making the decision to retire her due to age. Lastly there is Toby my now 10 year old JRT. Although his journey was cut short due to injury he taught me to laugh especially when disappearing off to find a crumb of food the other side of the ring before coming back and finishing the course!. He also taught me to be aware of my own dogs and listen to them when they weren’t happy with what they are doing. Now they all have regular check-ups with the physio as well as massages to help keep them fit and healthy.